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One of the most useful resources I’ve had access to in my 10+ years in mobility … and I only joined probably a bit over a year ago!

Kiran Patel – Director, Innovations & Infrastructure

This is a must-have resource for mobility architects in every industry.

Aaron Freimark – CEO of GroundControl

Literally the ‘who’s who’ of mobility is on Mobile Pros. If you’re trying to do anything innovative in mobility you need to be on here. And hey, it’s free!

Russ Mohr – Director of Sales Engineering at MobileIron

One of the most productive, objective Slack channels for like-minded mobility professionals you can be a part of!

Paul Troisi – Chief Customer Officer at Troy Mobility

Mobile Pros offers an incredible breadth of knowledge across a range of topics in the industry. There is no better community for experts in this field.

Jason Bayton – Android Enterprise Expert & owner of bayton.org

This community is one of the best out there. The depth of knowledge and experience of the mobility professionals is amazing; friendly and helpful as well! I’d recommend it to anyone working our field.

Jay Allen – Director of Technical Alliances at Wandera

Mobile Pros is the only community of experts that covers a plethora of topics in the industry, from sharing ideas and experiences, to staying up to date with technology. If you work in mobility, this is the community for you.

Jesus Latorre Socas – Offering Management at IBM MaaS360

Mobile Pros is the strongest expert community of its kind that successfully crosses the divide between vendors, customers, architects and admins. From troubleshooting to simply bouncing around ideas, it’s the only place to find your way to.

Simon Hardy-Bistagne – Global Head, Enterprise Mobility & AI at Schneider Electric

Enterprise Mobility knowledge is typically locked behind the doors of enterprises, vendors and partners. The Mobile Pros group is an open doorway into valuable insights, experience and resources. It’s a pleasure to contribute to this.

Mark Vonk – CEO and Enterprise Mobility consultant at TwentyNice

An incredible community I am proud to be a part of. Anyone whose job title contains the word “Mobility” should utilize these Slack channels every day!

James Murray – Senior Staff Solutions Engineer · EUC Global Principal Technologies at VMware

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